stabdžių juosta

Brake bands

There are following frictional materials in our production range:
- brake bands woven of reinforced yarns and impregnated with composition of resins BAC and ATU-AE type,
- pressed friction linings made of special aramide-caoutchouc mix GC types.

Positive friction-use features,
Stable value of friction rates in higher temperatures,
Higher accepted point pressure.


The frictional materials can be used in axis brakes and radial brakes for the following braking types and functions:
- rare emergency braking process,
- cyclic maneuver braking process,
- frequent braking process, e.g lift, press, crane,
- constant braking process. 

Brake bands GC-E, GC-ES: thickness:  4 - 40 mm, width: till 1000 mm,
Brake bands BAC, ATU-AE: thickness:  5 - 20 mm, width: 25-350 mm.

Sealing materials

Braided packings
Brake bands
Gasket sheets
Heat-insulating boards